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2nd AOCM - amazing international OC-Event organized by AwardFabrik
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    Standard 2nd AOCM - amazing international OC-Event organized by AwardFabrik

    Minfeld, Germany 25. / 26.10.2008

    After months of preparation work the AwardFabrik crew around Michael "no_name" Schnetzer was finally ready to go for the 2nd AwardFabrik Overclocking Championchip.

    Friday – Introduction and first impressions

    Let's go for 2. AOCM 2008 !

    Like last year, AwardFabrik and mifRe e.V. members already met on friday for setting up the seats, cabling and network in the Mundhohall / Minfeld. There was a lot work to do for everybody. At the end of the day there was the traditional BBQ with Michael Schnetzer as grill master - everybody enjoyed that meal after a hard day of work
    The cabling was done by the guys from Netquarter and the crew discussed the schedule for the next days and had a beer (or two) during chatting with each other.

    Saturday morning – Opening and contest "best overclocker of AwardFabrik"

    Early in the morning, some already started to build up their systems and ran some air cooled tests for later this day. Piece by piece the visitors arrived and began filling the empty places with gaming systems and bench equipment.

    The users Zero_Cool and chriFFer arrived with a fully functional "bench-bus". With generator, fog machine and light they could have even benched it

    Around 10:30h the VIP Teams from Switzerland and Italy arrived after 10 hours of traveling non-stop for building up their bench-systems. At peak time there have been around 170 registered AwardFabrik members, 20 persons from mIfRe e.V. and netquarter and around 70 visitors inside the hall.

    Just in time at 12:00h the 2nd AOCM was officially opened by Michael Schnetzer (No_Name, middle), owner and publisher of AwardFabrik, our Administrator Christoph Groß (SoF, left) and the treasurer of mIfRe e.V., Carsten Lavan (Killerman, right).

    Like last year the opening speech was followed by the presentation of the entire AwardFabrik-Crew, which was completely present, except Monti, who could unfortunatly not make it.

    from left to right: SoF, Heimwerkerking, dakappo, @rne, Otterauge, joe_cool, tempos14, steffel333 (covered), Dr.Casemod, stummerwinter, No_Name, Mome, KvD, SeLecT, radon

    Michael Schnetzer thanked all sponsors afterwards for their great support this year. THANKS again ASUS, Mushkin, K&M Elektronik, SilverStone, topower and Cherry for everything! A special thanks to PC Games Hardware Extreme, presented by the moderators Daniel Möllendorf (PCGH_Daniel) and Oliver Pusse (PCGH_Oliver / fr3ak) for their support with previews of the 2.AOCM in their online and print magazines.

    After the security introduction from Johann Broser, which delivered 1.450 liter free (!!!) LN2 for the overclockers, Christopher Groß welcomed the international visitors and teams from Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland.

    At 12:21h the starting shot for 28 hours AwardFabrik Overclocking Championchip plus one extra hour due to the clock change!

    The first contest wasn't meant that serious - the moderators from PCGH Daniel Möllendorf and Oliver Pusse searched for the slowest AM3 run on the prepared contest systems with following components:

    Processor: Intel Core2Duo E8600@ 4GHz
    Motherboard: ASUS P5Q-E
    RAM: 4GB Mushkin PC6400 CL4-4-4-12
    GPU: ASUS Radeon HD4870
    HDD: 160GB Samsung HDD
    PSU: Mushkin 400W PSU
    Keyboard / mouse: Cherry ORCA Wireless Laser Design Desktop

    It was about tweaking the other way round - how slow can you get the AM3 with up to 4 instances of SuperPi and other things. The run of the winner Chris Hülzemann (Yuscha) took over 20 minutes! As Daniel remarked: Even at publishing date of AM3 there have been higher scores

    Without a break the test system were set back to original configuration for the next contest: best overclocker of AwardFabrik. In 15 minutes the participator had to get the fastest 1m time possible with a maximum CPU clock of 4000,99 MHZ, free FSB and max vdimm of 2.2V (to avoid the hardware decides that competition). Beside that you could tweak Bios and Windows with everything you know. You can see how close the best overclockers are together when seeing that 3 members had exactly the same time in their SuperPi 1M run. So the 3 members (Jowi69, giogioprimo and Ice_angel) had a play-off in SuperPi 2M for the 2nd and 3rd place. 2nd place finally went to jowi69 with 27,875s and 3rd to IceAngel with 28,188s.

    Parallel to this competition our member klEb was running a RAM dart fun contest with self-made Samsung DDR1 modules. If the RAMs were able to overclock "on-the-fly" wasn't tested Thanks Plaganos and klEb for idea and realization of this contest Was very good for all to get some fresh air during that sunny day in Minfeld Winner was Dracon Claw with 13 points and recieved an 8GB Mushkin USB stick for his accuracy.

    Saturday afternoon – Casemodding and Aquamark 3

    Around 15:45h the casemodding contest was opened. 10 member presented their cases to the critical jury Dr. Casemod and steffel333.

    The jury payed special attention to innovation, clean manufacturing and building skills. Besi won with maximum possible points (60) with his dream mod. 2nd was sandman with 49 points and 3rd becamesilentboy89 with 46 points. Besi recieved a special Crysis airbrushed Thermaltake tower.

    At 17:30h the next contest started - CPUz and Aquamark 3 with air, water and extreme-cooling. For 3,5 hours all overclockers could bench for the highest scores with their own systems. Every tweak and optimization was allowed to beat the competitors.

    Saturday evening – Forum competition part 1 and K&M lottery

    Finally at 22:00h the last competition was startet - the forum competition with SuperPi 1M, 8M, 3D Mark 01 as well as Aquamark 3. In the first round we had the forums Hardwareluxx and Extremeclockers, Team Switzerland as well as members and crew of AwardFabrik "fighting" against each other over 45 minutes.

    The last teams until past midnight have been Team Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Freeocen, PCGHX and PC Masters. The rules for Pi were identical to thoose of the best overclocker competition. Meanwhile there was alert in the oc-area - LN2 was going to end soon...so Michael Schnetzer called Johann Broser while he was in the cinema and urgently needed some more LN2 after 1100L have been already used in less than 12hours Johann had no more time for cinema and brought the last LN2 he had (~350L) around midnight. Thanks again for that great effort from all benchers and AwardFabrik to Johann!

    Daniel Canoa from K&M started together with Michael Schnetzer to find a new owner for the 2000€ K&M PC. The only thing you had to do for winning was to have the right seat number reserved - Leghorn had it! Additionally to the complete system K&M had some more prices for 6 other lucky winners:

    7th place: 6 month Premiere paket DundEE
    6th place: 6 month Premiere paket Shadowburner
    5th place: 6 month Premiere paket ChriFFer
    4th place: K&M gift coupon 25 Euro Tscherno Bill
    3rd Platz: K&M gift coupon 75 Euro Dynamic
    2nd place: K&M gift coupon 100 Euro OralB
    1st place: K&M PC for 2000 Euro Leghorn / Team Italy

    Saturday night – UT3 and bench-sessions

    The rest of the evening was free-benching, chatting and having a good time with each other. The last LN2 was used until the last drop, a lot of beers and cocktails, and one WR of jowi69 in SuperPi 32m with 7:22,797 minutes from the afternoon - it couldn't have been any better!

    Members of the GGMJ Unreal Tournament clan played against brave "canon food" one-on-one deathmatch. Not a single one could beat Billy or our SysOp Radon on the AwardFabrik Mod-PC. But everybody who tried it got a Mushkin T-Shirt for free.

    All in all the atmosphere was fantastic: the different languages and dialects mixed with some scary screaming Delta fans and hair dryers, no conflicts, fun and friendship. That is how such an event has to be and fair play was always first. Helping each other with vmods, sharing knowledge and running some nice benches was always present in the extreme area.

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    Sunday morning – forum competition part 2 and case throwing

    After that extended night due to the clock change the always friendly team of mIfRe e.V. invited everybody to a breakfast to start with full force into the day.
    There were still 2 contests to go: In the second part of the forum competition the teams competed in the disciplines case throwing with a specially modded Chieftec tower by Andreas "Otterauge" Zelba with a total weight of ~21kg. That's almost half of SoF
    Hardware throwing was also a single fun contest open for everyone. With 7,66 m onkel* achieved 3rd place. Our all friend and AwardFabrik crew member Otterauge, the human tank, made it to 2nd place with 10,52 m. When cool was taking the 21 kg case as if it is nothing everybody was stunned for a second. After an amazing flight of 11,86 meter it was clear who is on the Gold-spot in this contest Cool had the respect of the entire audience with this throw. As last year everyone had a lot of fun during that fun event

    The end of the forum competition was the keyboard puzzle. The participants had 3 minutes to put the Cherry-keyboard back together - as correct as possible. How some of them would type the way the keyboard looked afterwards?

    After counting the points we had following ranking:
    3rd place team Italy with giorgioprimo and Leghorn
    2nd place team Denmark, which unfortunatly had to leave and get their prices sended afterwards.
    1st price for all suprisingly but well deserved with some points ahead the guys from freeocen.de with AndR and sn@ke.
    Congratulations and thanks very much all participants! Hope you enjoyed that competition as much as we did.

    Sunday noon – ending and thanksgiving

    After 28 hours, shared prices of 10.000 Euro, some damaged hardware, 1.450 liter LN2, some DICE and a lot happy faces Michael Schnetzer closed the 2nd AOCM at 13:00h officially.

    Even he didn't wanted to know about a 3rd AOCM before, Michael alread said there will be a sequel. But for the moment let him take some rest as he worked for AOCM every free minute past the last weeks and months. Huge thanks from all of us to Michael "no_name" Schnetzer and his family again who helped from hotels, tickets, sponsors over give-aways to the AF-collection which almost every overclocker weared during AOCM.

    Finally, we, the AwardFabrik crew, want to say that it has been a great time for us with you during 2nd AOCM. Thanks to all international visitor which took long ways to come. Overclocking has never been so professional and international in Germany and we hope to keep in touch with everyone until next events like Cebit or G|C.We hope all arrived back healthy and have taken home some good memories from Minfeld.
    Thanks also to the team of Netquarter e.V. for the perfect Network and mIfRe e.V. for an outstanding catering! It is always great working together with you.
    Last but not least thanks again to all our sponsors without that event wouldn't have been possible in that way. Like Michael pointed out at the end of the event - some manufacturers really should think about it and do more for the overclocking scene like the following examples which helped us a lot with prices and money:

    ASUS, Mushkin Inc., K&M Elektronik, SilverStone, topower, Cherry and Broser

    more pictures can be found here in the german article
    all rankings of the competition

    Well then, not much more to say: Thank you very much, mille grazie, köszönöm szépen, mange tak, merci viilmoals and vielen Dank for your large response on 2. AwardFabrik Overclocking Championchip in Minfeld!

    Thanks heimwerkerking for the german article. This english article is a (more or less full) 1:1 translation.

    See you all next year!

    The AwardFabrik

    Author: Swen Schollenbruch / heimwerkerking
    Translation: SoF
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    Thanks for a great event

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    Zitat Zitat von M.Beier Beitrag anzeigen
    Thanks for a great event
    oh yes ! it was soooo nice !!


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