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    Standard Today's short DICE session with Freakezoit E8600 on Rampage + 2x 4870 340k AM3

    Hi all,

    after testing A LOT different boards (DS3P, Mars, Commando, TP45HP) it seems like I found a new favourite - the Rampage served with some good sticks of Mushkin with some strong GPUs

    E8600 DICE
    Mushkin DDR 1800-7-6-6-18 (with 2V )
    2x HD 4870 (at the beginning we only used one)

    It was already evening when I arrived at Freakezoit's. We put the system together in less than 30min and started with 1m. We more ore less directly stopped after reaching target sub8s as we had a lot different benches to run in just a little time:

    €dit: seems 3:5 divider is bugged and shows 100mhz higher, but still awesome ram.

    5811 MHZ CPU 910 MHZ RAM 7-6-5-18 1T 7.985s

    Quick Pifast, DDR3 helps a lot ^^ 5750 CPU 905 MHZ RAM 7-6-6-18-1T

    Now we started with 3D. We could not really search for last 50 or 100 MHZ in CPU and specially last mhz for GPU so single results are not that good. Addionally sometimes system became unstable for no reason.

    Aquamark 3 - 306853 points - 1x HD 4870 840 / 1120 MHZ - CPU 5707 MHZ - RAM 800 MHZ 7-6-5-18 1T

    3D Mark 05 - 30574 - 1x HD 4870 830 / 1120 MHZ - CPU 5500 MHZ - RAM 814 MHZ 7-6-6-18

    It was late and we kicked in 2nd gear with another HD 4870...
    Aquamark 3 - 340.393 points - 5796 MHZ CPU 790/1100 MHZ GPU (unfortunatly I still have no modded bios on the cards to go higher with GPU clock - but still 21nd placed global for today in hwbot with 2 cards

    3D Mark 05 - 37005 points - 5600 MHZ CPU 790/1100 MHZ GPU (we had 5700 untill the end almost but it freezed, afterwards system started to give up a little)

    05 with 900MHZ 7-6-6-18 1T on RAM

    3D Mark 01 - 105701 points - CPU 5400 MHZ 900 MHZ 7-6-6-18-1T RAM - last run, system now was really done for the day - still room for 110k easy I think

    was fun with freakezoit and when I finished all my work and personal things we maybe will give it a more time-friendly oc-session


    PS: to my german friends please use german topic here please
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    Zum Wohl die Pfalz!


    :nice to see Sub 8 1M from you!
    Zitat Zitat von Stuart Pigotts Weinreisen: PFALZ
    Das verbindende Element unter den Einwohnern der Pfalz ist die gemeinschaftliche Vorstellung ihrer Region als Paradies auf Erden, und dabei spielt der Wein - den sie fast vorbehaltlos postiv sehen - eine bedeutende Rolle.

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    Nice res. SoF Yeah sub8 seems really good When we would benching together? Little Rampage contest Who can push his harder


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